Pooh Merry Christmas To You Cross Stitch Book
The Pooh Merry Christmas to You cross stitch book is a must have for any pooh lover!

If you love to cross stitch and you love Winnie the Pooh, Eeyore, Tigger and Piglet, then you will definitely want to add this cross stitch pattern book to your craft book library.

This is a softcover book that features 8 color patterns for pictures, plus 4 color patterns for ornaments.  You can stitch the gang sledding in the snow together, or decorating a Christmas tree.  Each and every pattern is adorable!

There are several cross stitch patterns of individual characters that are absolutely delightful too.  There is one of a gift laden Tigger that is totally fabulous and an ice skating Pooh bear that is quite charming.

The Merry Christmas to You Pooh Cross Stitch Pattern Book

The finished project photos alone will inspire you to create beautiful works of cross stitch art.  As you can see in the photos, you could use these patterns to make a pillow, an afghan, a hanging quilt style blanket, or pictures to frame, in addition to the Christmas tree ornaments.  They are all Christmas themed patterns, but you will be tempted to leave them out year round.  There are several, like the skating and sledding pictures, that could easily remain a part of your home decor during the entire winter season.

Now, don't tell anyone, but I leave mine out year round.  It is, after all, my home and I do love Pooh!

If you love to cross stitch and you love Winnie the Pooh, Eeyore, Tigger and Piglet, then you will definitely want to add this cross stitch pattern book to your library.

How to Buy Your Own Copy of Pooh Merry Christmas to You

In addition to the Pooh & gang cross stitch patterns, there are basic instructions on how or make and finish each of the projects you see in the photos.  If you don't own a sewing machine, you could purchase a pre-finished afghan or perhaps a hand towel made just for cross-stitching. 

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Light Up the Night Candy Cane Coasters Plastic Canvas Kit

Light Up the Night Candy Cane Coasters Plastic Canvas Kit
The "Light Up the Night" plastic canvas coasters feature a very pretty design.  They are decked out with candy canes and strings of Christmas lights.  They may not add real light to the home, but they will surely light up each face that beholds them with a smile.

Every home needs coasters to protect wood furniture and to prevent those awful rings left behind from drink glasses.  It is really very fun to have seasonal coasters to offer our guests and to add to our own holiday decorations too.   Plastic Canvas is the easiest needlework craft.  The combination of an easy Christmas craft and the need for coasters, makes these pretty candy canes and lights coaster kits very popular.

As with any Christmas craft kit, you could make these coasters for your own home, to give as gifts, or you could even give the kit as a gift to a crafty friend.


LIGHT UP THE NIGHT Plastic Canvas Kit for COASTERS & HOLDER  ~ NEW & Unopened

Light Up the Night Coasters Plastic Canvas Kit

You can see for yourself how pretty these coasters are and how beautifully they will add to your Christmas decor, as well as serving a very practical purpose.  The candy canes and bulb Christmas lights are reminiscent of childhood for many of us.  They remind of the days when Christmas trees were decorated with strings of bulb light and candy canes were hung on the tree to the delight of every child in the household.

The plastic canvas kit includes enough mesh canvas and acrylic yarn to make 6 coasters plus the coaster holder.

Such a delightful set of handmade coasters are sure to bring joy to everyone at first sight.  

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Christmas Nativity Plastic Canvas Pattern Book

With this plastic canvas book, you can make your own entire Nativity scene out of plastic canvas.
Nothing is more appropriate for Christmas than the Nativity.  

With this plastic canvas book, you can make your own entire Nativity scene out of plastic canvas.  You could make the entire set immediately, or you could add a few pieces each year until the scene is complete. 

There are patterns for 13 pieces of the Nativity scene.  It would be fabulous to start with the Holy Family and add to your scene in sets of 2 or 3 pieces annually.  It would be like having a whole new set each year.

You could make a lovely family heirloom that your whole family will cherish for decades in the form of this exquisitely detailed plastic canvas nativity set. 

The Plastic Canvas Nativity Pattern Book

Each piece should be stitched using 7-mesh canvas, worsted-weight yarn and craft cord.  Each pattern design features full-color graphs and complete instructions for creating each piece.

With this plastic canvas book, you can make your own entire Nativity scene out of plastic canvas.
Plastic Canvas Nativity Scene Pattern Book

The pattern book includes patterns for the Holy Family, the 3 wise men, the angel, a few shepherds, animals and the stable scene backdrop.  The backdrop measure 10" tall, 9 1/2" wide and 6" deep when finished.  The figures of Joseph and Mary are about 8" tall and the other pieces are sized accordingly to fit in a complete scene set.  You would, of course, need to add hay and miniature hay bales if you wish to emulate the photo shown on the cover of the book.

This plastic canvas set would make a lovely gift for Christmas.  Or,  perhaps you could give the book itself to a plastic canvas crafter that you know would love to make the set herself.  

The very best part is that the patterns in a pattern book can be used multiple times to create several scene sets.

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Under the Mistletoe Bubble Beads Kit

Make your own mistletoe with this beautiful bubble beads kit.  Enjoy the tradition of hanging the mistletoe and the kissing entertainment.
Lovers kissing under the mistletoe has been a part of Christmas for as long as I can remember.  Actually, there are a lot of references in movies made before I was born to being kissed under the mistletoe, or what happens when you stand under the mistletoe in a doorway.  If you believe the classic Christmas movies, hanging the mistletoe was actually a common tradition.

Real mistletoe is not something easily found in many states in the US.  If we wanted to hang real mistletoe, we would have to purchase it from a "harvester" that gathered it and brought it to our state.  To be honest, since it is in fact a parasite plant that kills it's host tree, I am grateful that it is not common to our area.

Growing up, my mother used a sprig of holly instead of mistletoe.  When I was very young, I actually thought mistletoe was holly.  I think the holly sprigs just gave everyone an opportunity to harass anyone who stood in a doorway.  While it is a entertaining, you don't have to use real plants.  You can make your own beaded mistletoe and enjoy the fun of the mistletoe tradition.

The Under the Mistletoe Bubble Beads Kit

Make your own mistletoe with this beautiful bubble beads kit and enjoy the tradition of hanging the mistletoe and the kissing entertainment that follows.
Make your own mistletoe with this beautiful bubble beads kit.
Under the Mistletoe Bubble Beads Kit

The beaded ornament is 5" x 6½" which is large enough to hang in the middle of a doorway as a pretty Christmas decoration.  But, it is also small enough that you could hand it on the Christmas tree as an ornament if you prefer.  The Under the Mistletoe Bubble Beads kit includes the bubble beads, monofilament, cabone ring, bell and of course, the instructions to make one bubble bead mistletoe.

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SNOWMAN & FRIENDS Cross Stitch Kit

Few things will melt hearts as easily as this adorable Snowman & Friends Cross Stitch Kit.  Surrounded by his friends, the snowman appears to be delightfully happy.  Apparently, his "creators" prepared him properly to entertain guests by supplying him with birdseed, nuts, and corn, and building him right next to a holly bush.

What a charming picture this snowman makes as he "treats" the birds, squirrel, and chipmunk, as well as the children who are watching from the window in the background.


Holiday love and the spirit of giving are certainly reflected in this cross stitch picture.  You can share that love too by stitching the picture and giving it as a gift.  Or, perhaps, you would rather keep it for yourself and share the moments of seeing the eyes of your loved ones as they take in the beauty and the meaning of this fabulous image.

Whichever you choose, I am certain this snowman and his friends will delight many hearts during the holidays.

The Snowman & Friends Cross Stitch kit includes 18-ct. white aida fabric, cotton floss, needle, and easy instructions.

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Pearl Angel Ornament Kits

These Tiny Pearl Angels are such beautiful ornaments on the Christmas tree.  

Angels are often a large part of the Christmas decorations in many homes, including my own.  The one thing that is always extremely important to me is the angel's face.  I want her to have a pretty face.  That actually makes it much harder for me to find Christmas angels that suit my tastes.  Fortunately, the tiny pearl angels in this kit do not have faces, so that is not even a consideration.  Their heads are simply a large pearl.  Their dresses, wings and halos are made of tiny pearls strung together to create the shapes.

Tiny Pearl Angels Kit - Makes 8 Angels

The kit includes everything you need to make 8 tiny pearl angels.   The finished angels will be approximately 2" each.  Both the blue flowers and the pink flowers are in the packages which allows you to decide the color of their "bouquets".  Otherwise, they are completely white.

As with just about any feature on this Christmas Craft Collection site, these angels would be beautiful for our own Christmas tree.  Plus, they make gorgeous gifts to loved ones.  Since they will be handmade by you, I have no doubt anyone would treasure them and think of you each time they hang them on their trees. 

Since the kit has sufficient supplies to make 8 angels, you could even divide them up into multiple gifts for Christmas while keeping a couple for yourself.

My mother gave me an angel several years ago.  I hung her from the light in our den.  After the first Christmas, I actually forgot to take her down and store her until the next year.  Since then, she has become a permanent decoration in my home.  To this day, she still hangs from the same light where she is a constant reminder of the real angel in my life, my mother.

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Photo Memory Boxes Plastic Canvas Pattern Book

The Magic of Christmas photo memory box is not the only pattern in this plastic canvas pattern book, but it is such a beautiful pattern that I wanted to share it with you.  Either of the photo memory box patterns would be perfect for a beginner and quite easy for anyone with experience.

Plastic Canvas Photo Memory Boxes - Book Includes 5 Patterns - The Christmas Box shown

Plastic Canvas for the Beginner

Plastic Canvas is very easy.  The stitches are basically nothing more than half x's made in a line on actual plastic piece of canvas with a grid of holes.  Plastic canvas patterns are stitched with yarn or cording and a tapestry needle.

These memory boxes are embellished with beads and the book includes instructions for attaching the beads. 

There are also drawings and instructions on exactly how to cut the pieces to stitch.  There are also directions on how to construct the plastic canvas memory box with a whipped stitch to hold the sides together.

Plastic Canvas Memory Boxes

Plastic canvas memory boxes are beautiful gifts as well as storage boxes for photos, cards, ornaments, keepsakes, momentos and more.  They could also be used as an actual gift box for a special present.  It would truly be giving two gifts at once.  The box itself would be a keepsake treasure to any recipient.

In addition to "The Magic of Christmas" memory box featured here, the book includes patterns to create memory boxes for a baby, a wedding, a graduate, or a beautiful box for family memories and small keepsakes.  (Photos for the other box patterns in the book are shown on the listing site.)  The perfect gift, gift box or gift "basket" for a wedding or baby shower or any special occasion. 

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Bucilla Santa & Snowman on a TRAIN WALL HANGING Felt & Sequin Kit

What an adorable felt craft kit for Christmas decorating!

This is definitely a break from the traditional sleigh full of toys that Santa usually drives, but it brings a lovely holiday greeting just the same.  Perhaps, Santa decided to give the reindeer a bit of a break, or maybe he just loves trains as much as the rest of us.

The snowman that decided to board the Christmas train is sure to bring a smile to every face as he hangs on with his candy cane.  But my own personal favorite addition to this wall hanging, is the cute little teddy bear riding next to the engines smokestack.  What a joyful bunch they all make together!  Who wouldn't be cheerful in their presence?

Young and old alike are bound to love this wonderful felt wall hanging.  This is one decoration that could easily disappear right out your door, right along with your holiday guests.  If I were you, I would keep an eye on those suitcases as they are leaving.  It would be awful if the Santa train got derailed and just happened to "fall" into a departing bag.
Bucilla Train Wall Hanging Kit featuring Santa, Snowman and Teddy Bear

This train is quite festive in all of the bright Christmas time colors.   Even a Christmas wreath adorns this holiday train.

The Santa and Snowman Train Wall Hanging felt kit includes the stamped felt which makes it easy to cut out the pieces to assemble the wall hanging.  The cotton floss and needle needed for sewing are also included.  The kit comes with the beads and sequins for decorating.  They make the holiday train glisten and shine in concert with the Christmas tree lights in your home.

The finished wall hanging will measure approximately 19" x 16".  Even though it is designed to be a wall hanging, you could easily attach the train to a table runner or tree shirt if you prefer.

I have no doubt that once you make this lovely Christmas train, it will be handed down through the generations and treasured as a wonderful keepsake.

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Three Magi Wise Men Table Topper Embroidery Kit

If you are seeking a wealth of beauty for your Christmas table decorations, you need look no further!

 Magi Table Topper Embroidery Kit

The Three Magi Wise Men Table Topper Embroidery Kit

This gorgeous table topper would certainly top the list as one of the most beautiful handmade holiday decorations in home decor.  It would be such a stunning Christmas decoration.  The images alone herald the message of the Magi's journey to find the new born King.

The animals in this piece are also magnificent!  The adored elephant and the gift laden camel bespeak the wealth of the little caravan traveling to a foreign region. 


The photo above is a scanned image of the back of the kit.  You can see the detail of the piece for yourself, as well as the vibrant colors of the threads included.  You will also note the stamped image on the lower right side.

One note, the scan of the fabric makes it look "whiter" than it really is.  I would assume that was because of the light shining on it from the scanner.  The fabric is actually a natural or off-white color, not white.

The table topper is pre-finished with the stamped image for embroidery.  The border on the table topper is a lovely contrasting creamy tan color.  (The manufacturer refers to the color as cream, but it appears more tan to me.)

The kit includes the floss, a needle and the instructions for embroidering the topper.  The size is approximately 36" square and would be quite lovely in the center of a dining room table, a buffet, or a small side table.

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Cross Stitch Christmas Cards

Make Your Own Christmas Cards with this Christmas cross stitch kit!

I save all of the Christmas cards I receive each year.  I put them in a large manila envelope with the year written on the outside.

For me, Christmas cards are like small gifts from my friends and family telling me that they are thinking of me during the holidays.  However, a handmade cross stitched Christmas card would never make it into that annual large envelope stored in the attic.

I would frame a cross stitch card and proudly display it year after year with the rest of our holiday decorations.  I would know this Christmas card was a very special gift handmade just for me!

Be Jolly Cross Stitch Christmas Card Kit

The "Be Jolly" cross stitch Christmas card kit includes the supplies to make 4 Christmas cards, each 4" tall or wide.  Because the designs are not stamped on the aida cloth, you decide if you want to make 4 of the same card, or a variety of cards.

The kit includes the 18 ct white aida fabric, the cotton floss, the tri-fold cards with envelopes for mailing & storage, a tapestry needle and easy to follow chart with stitching instructions.  It also includes a complete alphabet for personalizing if desired.

The only things you need that are not included in the kit, is a pair of scissors, a pen to address the envelopes, and the postage stamps to mail your cards. 

These cards would make a lovely greeting for the holidays, as well as a cherished keepsake.  Any recipient would be honored to be gifted with a cross stitch picture card.

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